Monthly Archives: April 2012

Benefits For Construction Operations

  Construction Operations Revenue Enhancement Avoid Having the Operations Shutdown Due to Overlooked Safety Issues Reduce Equipment Breakdowns That Impact the Schedule & Holds Up the Entire Job Direct Cost Reduction Properly Maintained Equipment Has a Much Lower “Total Cost...

Logistics, Delivery, Storage Sample Company: IOI Logistics

  Sample Usage for I'mOnIt! (logistics, delivery, storage) Sample Company:  IOI Logistics Industry: Delivery, Storage and Logistics Profile: Offering Shipping and Transportation Services, Maintenance Services, Technology Solutions and Consulting Services See below for a list of benefits and features I'mOnit!...

Report and Exporting Data

  What did we do last month?  What was the cost of the work? I'mOnIt! provides reports and data export for operations analysis. All reports can be filtered for content. Also, all reports can be emailed or saved as PDF...

Fixed Assets

  This is the individual piece of equipment or item that has work performed upon it. You provide the descriptive designation that makes sense for your operation and the system will keep track of the activity and costs against this...