Benefits For Construction Operations

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Construction Operations

Revenue Enhancement

  • Avoid Having the Operations Shutdown Due to Overlooked Safety Issues
  • Reduce Equipment Breakdowns That Impact the Schedule & Holds Up the Entire Job

Direct Cost Reduction

  • Properly Maintained Equipment Has a Much Lower “Total Cost of Ownership”
  • Identify Which Equipment is Costing ‘Too Much’ to Operate
  • Warranty Tracking Keeps You From “Paying Twice” for Equipment Components

Indirect Cost Reduction

  • More efficient operations management by utilizing I’mOnIt! Features Such as:

    • Computerized Scheduling
    • Emailing
    • Retention of Information
    • Planning and Assessment Tools

Intangible Benefits

  • ‘Peace of Mind’ That Compliance Items Cannot “Slip Through the Cracks”
  • Professional Image for Operations Demonstrated by Structure & Consistency of Operating Procedures
  • Improved Communications Yields Greater Harmony With Other Company Elements

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