Maintenance Software Benefits

What I’mOnIt! Brings to Your Organization’s Bottom Line

Revenue Enhancement

Preventive Maintenance Keeps Your Equipment Running

  • When your equipment is down, you are producing nothing
  • When your equipment is not to spec — production is slowed and rejects are up
  • When a compliance item is not met, the entire operation can be shutdown
  • When equipment breaks down on a Job, the entire operation comes to a halt

Making the Case for Expanding Scope of Work

Service Business

  • Email pictures of the problem to the asset owner for decision to increase scope of work
  • Automatically schedule follow-up call
  • Email your ‘specials’

Direct Cost Reduction

  • Properly maintained equipment has a much lower “total cost of ownership”
  • Identify which equipment is costing ‘too much’ to operate
  • Efficient resource utilization achieved by forecasting requirements for Parts, Skills, and Facilities
  • Warranty tracking keeps you from “paying twice” for items
  • Immediate visibility of ‘DemandJob’ work requests, reduce “collateral damage” (ex plumbing problem)

Indirect Cost Reduction

  •   More efficient operations management through the utilization of I’mOnIt! features: 
    • Computerized Scheduling
    • Emailing
    • Easily retrievable electronic storage of Information
    • Planning & Assessment Tools

Intangible Benefits

  • ‘Peace of Mind’ that Compliance items cannot “slip through the cracks”
  • Professional Image for Facilities Maintenance department demonstrated by structure & consistency of operating procedures
  • Increased Awareness of Facilities Maintenance department’s contribution to the corporate bottom line through utilization of their assessment tools
  • Improved Teamwork as all aspects of maintenance requests, executions and follow-up can be easily emailed to all interested parties 

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ImOnIt Key Benefits