Food Processing, Processing Plants: Nottingham Foods Company

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Sample Company:  Nottingham Foods Company
Industry: Food Processing/Processing Plant
Profile: Snack Food Company

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Job (Task) Description Categories Benefits of UsingI'mOnIt!
Food Packing Equipment-Maintenance    
Freezers and Storage Equipment    
Food Distribution Vehicles and Truck Maintenance      
Food Testing & Regulatory Standards Results Reporting      
Plant Supervisors-Crucial Control Point Checks    
Compliance with State and Federal Inspection Programs
Food Warehouse Building and Construction Guidelines      
Plant Supervisors Validation and Performance Review    
Warehouse Maintenance-Pipes Sealed, Building Repairs, Unclogged Drains      
Warehouse Equipment Clean & Sanitized-Freezers, Chillers, Storage Bins      
Regulatory Periodic Food Testing    
FDA Food Codes, Regulations, and Inspection
Inspections for Food Preservation Guidelines-USDA    
Sanitary Food Inspection  
Safety Training for Staff Equipment Use

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