Sample Company: Central Community College

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Sample Company:  Central Community College
Industry: Education
Profile: State-Owned Community College with 5000 Students; Purchased I'mOnIt! through GSA Advantage

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Job (Task) Description Categories Benefits of UsingI'mOnIt!
Campus Disaster and Evacuation Plan
Campus Building Safety Codes and Standards    
Periodic Building Fire Safety Checks      
Email Notification of Weekly Faculty and Staff Meetings      
Athletic Equipment Safety Checks and Replacement  
Faculty Performance Reviews and Certifications  
Chemistry and Biology lab Safety Checks (for Department of Health)      
Email Notification for New Student Registration    
Email Notifications to Staff of Special Events    
Email Notifications to Staff Emergency Events, Cancellations, Safety Bulletins    
Cafeteria and Restaurant Facilities Inspection Preparation (FDA, USDA and Dept. of Health)    
Health Services and Medical Equipment Maintenance    
Computer and Computer Equipment Maintenance    
Disabled Student Services and Building Regulations Checklist  
Campus Police and Security Vehicle Maintenance and Registration    


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