Sample Company: Comfort Zone Services

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Sample Usage for I'mOnIt! (HVAC, Repair, Maintenance)

Sample Company:  Comfort Zone Services Industry: Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Profile: New Equipment Design and Installation, Repairs and Maintenance See below for a list of benefits and features I'mOnit! can offer a company in a similar industry.


Category Key Maintenance Scheduling Compliance Customer Follow-Up
Benefits Key Save Money Save Time Green-Friendly
Job (Task) Description Categories Benefits of Using I'mOnIt!
Truck and HVAC Product Transportation Maintenance and Registration  
HVAC Customer Support Technician Vehicle Maintenance, Registration & Licensing    
Sales Technicians Training and Routine Monitoring     
Periodic Product Inspection and Standards Checks    
Equipment Handling Safety Precautions    
Energy and Environmental Standards and Regulations    
Product Supervisors-Critical Point Checks         
E-Mail Notifications Inventory/Parts Re-Order Forms    
E-Mail Notifications Customer Tracking-Shipping and Delivery  
E-Mail Notifications-Customer Request-Technical Support    
Technician Certification and Licensing
HVAC Warehouse Storage Requirements Checklist-Temperature, Packaging  
E-Mail Customer Replacement and Additional Parts    
HVAC Building Fire and Security  

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