Sample Company: North Cove Marina

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Sample Usage for I'mOnIt! (Marinas, Docking, Boating, Excursions)

Sample Company: North Cove Marina
Industry: Marina Services
Profile: State-Owned Public Marina, Docking over 500 Boats and Providing Tourist Excursions; Purchased I'mOnIt! Through GSA Advantage

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Job (Task) Description Categories Benefits of UsingI'mOnIt!
On-Board Boat Equipment Safety Checks, Life Jackets, Radio, Lighting, First Aid Kit  
Boat Refueling Scheduling, Based on Miles of Usage    
Boaters Insurance, Boating License Forms    
Pre-Departure Checklist-Oil, Steerage, Throttle and Load Distribution  
Boat Inspections and Operational Standards    
Required Boat Slips Registration and Docking Fee Forms  
Record of Boaters Continuous Stay During Peak Season          
Marina Safety Regulations-No Swimming, Fishing, Dumping Trash in Channel      
Marina Maintenance-Cleaning Grounds, Fixing Repairs, General Upkeep      
E-Mail Notifications-Closings Due to Weather Conditions      
Facility Disaster and Evacuation Plan and Training    
Waitlist and Application and Registration Forms    
General Store-Boat Equipment, Fuel, Safety Equipment  
Fuel and Wastewater Compliance-Dept. of Natural Resources      


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