Sample Company: Sunny Village

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Sample Usage for I'mOnIt! (Retirement Homes, Assisted Living, Housing Institutions)

Sample Company:  Sunny Village
Industry: housing Institution and Facilities
Profile: Retirement Housing, Assisted Living Communities

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Job (Task) Description Categories Benefits of UsingI'mOnIt!
Ground Landscaping and Upkeep         
Employee Patient Care Training/Walkthrough    
Nursing Staff Performance Evaluation and Monitoring    
Senior Living Housing Cleaning, Maintenance and General Upkeep      
Kitchen Staff-Nutrition and Food Preparation Regulation and Evaluation  
Medical Equipment Safety and Periodic Checks    
Periodic Resident Check-Ups-Doctor and Specialist Care    
Resident Reports and History         
Senior Building Safety Features and Regulations, Railing, Ramps and Flooring    
Periodic State & Federal Inspections of Housing Facilities & Recreational Centers    
Periodic Safety Checks and Resident Training in Case of Emergency-Fire, Flood, Natural Disasters  
State Funding- Medicare/Medicaid Laws and Regulations    
Federal Regulation-Staff Surveying of Policies, Procedures, Equipment and Treatment  
State Regulation and Inspections Results Report Sending and Documenting       
License Practical Nurse- Standardization Training & Licensing  


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