Current Version: 5.8.5 Updated: April 3, 2017

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Best Practices
To minimize the risk of database corruption due to system hardware faults, we strongly suggest the following:

  • Use a Battery Back-Up on All Computers That Run I’mOnIt! or Store Shared I'mOnIt! Data
  • Exit the I’mOnIt! System When Your Functions Are Complete
  • Always Have a Current Backup Copy of the Data to Restore from If Needed
  • You can include I'mOnIt! in your normal daily system backups

Helper Document for Using the Trial Demo Version (PDF)
Setting User Permissions for Non-Administrators (PDF)
I'mOnIt! QuickStart Guide (PDF) — see how easy it is to get started with I'mOnIt!
How To Move Your Data To a Server (PDF) We assure that our customers will always receive top-quality service and technical support.

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