How can I’mOnIt! help me “Go Green” ?

Plans, documents, diagrams and pictures can be attached to Fixed Asset and Jobs, and can be easily retrieved for emailing or ‘cut & paste’ into other documents.  I’mOnIt! can email Work Orders and Notice of Completion with attached documents or pictures to designated parties. The process can be initiated when Work Requests (Demand Jobs) are entered from email or the Web Portal.

A typical "Green" operations scenario is diagrammed in the Demand Job Appendix in the integrated Help Manual which is evoked by a press of the <F1> key.

Keep in mind that a major goal of Preventative Maintenance is to keep your equipment and facilities in top condition. This keeps resource use at a minimum and can limit harmful emissions.

Throw away that toolbox. This easy-to-use, cost-effective CMMS system is the only tool you'll need to manage your maintenance scheduling needs. PM Scheduling, emergency equipment maintenance tracking, work orders, inventory tracking, cost reporting and more! Stay on it with I'mOnIt!