What is I’mOnIt!?

I'mOnIt! is the user-friendly Equipment and Facilities Maintenance & Management System. 

It schedules Tasks, receives emailed and manual Work Requests, produces Work Orders & Completion Documents. It also keeps track of all work activity, costs, and maintenance parts usage so that it can produce the required audit trail for compliance requirements and the analysis, planning and predictive reports & data that management needs.

The tangible benefits of its proper implementation is reflected in the cost savings achieved by: Reduced downtime of production equipment through consistent  preventative maintenance routines Reduced time spent managing the daily operations Increased productivity by matching resources to forecast requirements Improved efficiency of “done once   done right” via the ability to attach documents & diagrams Accurate accounting of work effort and parts usage for productivity analysis & operations efficiency  

The intangible benefits provided: Ability to keep management and ‘client’ departments in the ‘start-to-finish’ loop via automatic emails Peace of mind that Agency compliance requirements “will not fall through the cracks” Easy- to- follow structure for  “professionalism” that many facilities management operations desire.

Throw away that toolbox. This easy-to-use, cost-effective CMMS system is the only tool you'll need to manage your maintenance scheduling needs. PM Scheduling, emergency equipment maintenance tracking, work orders, inventory tracking, cost reporting and more! Stay on it with I'mOnIt!