What is the Servicer Business Assistant?

This is not a module or separate product, it is just plain ole I’mOnIt! in the hands of an independent service provider like a mechanical contractor, alarm system servicer, restaurant servicer, environmental service firm or marina operator. 

As Managed Service Providers (MSP), their requirements are similar.  They all have recurring scheduled Jobs for their customers (test the alarms, clean the grease trap,  test the water quality in the retention basin) and the Technician needs to perform in the customer view.  Technicians represent the business, so they need the tools to be professional.  

I’mOnIt! is the ‘Service Business Assistant’ that helps the MSP plan for required personnel and parts, produce the schedules, and equip the Technicians with consistent, published Work Orders, diagrams and documents so that they can do the Job professionally. With the ability to use their smartphone in the field to capture pictures of the work situation, the Technician can send them, on-the-spot, to the I’mOnIt! Control Panel, where the savvy MSP can alert the owner (with pictures, a language that customers easily  understand) to fulfill the additional needs and increase the value of the Technician’s visit. 

This presents the enterprise to the customer in the best possible light and increases the servicer’s revenue.  Likewise the MSP can enlist the automatic Follow-up Job to send an “I Care” email to the customer after the work.  And to set up an automatic schedule of emails to notify customers (and prospects) of company specials, etc. 

From an efficiency perspective, I’mOnIt! keeps  all of the information to allow the manager to track parts usage and compare work times to keep the operation ‘on target’.

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